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The alienz from the outter of space. Tags: Your mother is gay.

Mike Awesome was like any other man but he killed alienz and stuff and did stuff he would go around on a car and go kill alienz and stuff, "M9KE" said Commander Sarah "DE ALIENZ HAVE ARRIVED" (Mike looked at her lightly and turned around looking @ the distance. "I MUST KILL THE ALIENZ WITH MY ARMIES!" CABOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM" The alienz were already here "OUCH" Sarah was shot MIKE WAS ANGRY D:<<<<<< he leaped unto a cargo bench and threw fieces at the alien ships like a damn animal) "GRGRLRLALALALALGLRLGALGO JWDOM WIIKJDLN " said the dying alien (PEW PEW PEW) the other alien ship was attacking M9K3 Mike leapt unto a box and used ARMOUR LOCK! he was as impenitrable as pitbulls mother.But then the super command3r awesome alien of space from the space alien army show3d up. From behind Sarah, Sarah whispers in pain Mike... AND THE ALIEN SHOVES HIS LIGHTNING SWORD IN HER A$$ AND SHE POOPED SEXY WOMEN JUICE MMMMM. Mike was very D:< "SARAH" he yelled as he ran to her but he got shot in the face "OUCH" he fell down as he's laying there dying he hears a noise) "FREEZE IT'S AMERICA MOTHERFUCKER" don ded ee dee dee dee doo doo da da) M9KES best friend Assface shows up and killz all the alienz but it are not over no it are not 0v3r the alienz had a bigg3r space ship 'MIKE" assface yellz as his uglybutt face runs towards him l0l! Dying M9K3 says "Ihave to get up i haz to fite de alienz" "NO MIKE... YOU"RE THE ALIENZ!" AND THEN M9K3 WAS AN ALIEN. TEH EDN

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