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The spooky ghost from the ghost world.
Posted by Vick

So one time dur were dese 2 guyz who went into a haunted house. But they waz not alone no they weren't nuh uh NOOO they weren't they stepzzed into a room filled with spider webs, so many that they thought they were inside of your mothers old wrinkly pussy LMAO wait no let's get back to the story. Okay so the two guys look around and the DOOR CLOSES OMG D: so the guy turns to his friend and says there is a ghost behind u. the guy turns around.... and there is a fucking ghost right fucking there...Read More

The alienz from the outter of space.
Posted by Vick

Mike Awesome was like any other man but he killed alienz and stuff and did stuff he would go around on a car and go kill alienz and stuff, "M9KE" said Commander Sarah "DE ALIENZ HAVE ARRIVED" (Mike looked at her lightly and turned around looking @ the distance. "I MUST KILL THE ALIENZ WITH MY ARMIES!" CABOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM" The alienz were already here "OUCH" Sarah was shot MIKE WAS ANGRY D: he leaped unto a cargo bench and threw fieces at the alien ships like a damn animal) "GRGRLRLALALALALGLRLGALGO JWDOM WIIKJDLN " said the dying...Read More

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