Moving To Rust
Orc wanted to let everyone know he is moving the SafeHaven to Rust !!! Everyone is welcome to join and continue on the gaming friendship. Already we have seen several player enjoying the game Rust and would like to see more of you. Orc will have kits available to purchase under the store tab soon for in game use and trust me you will need them.....
Blog Preview
Fixing sz
Posted by Hunter553
Orc i need your help to fix the sz i can replace many things but i need alot of things i cant replace. The sz...Read More
Guard Update
Posted by Orccleaver

All Guards Are Fired But A Select Few.

​All the guards have been fired becuase you have 3 jobs. not 10 not 100 but...Read More

Leaving the server
Posted by Hunter553
Im thibk of leavi g the server for good. Im tierd of being sexual harsed and being constantly taljed bad about and called names im...Read More
New items for sale in the Store !!
Take a look in the Store to see if any of Orc's new items interest you. This will be a donation to the website to help Orc keep it and SafeHaven running. If you have any idea's for items to be sold please talk to Orc so he can list them for you. You can also just help out by making a simple Donation Thank you
There can be only ONE !!
Coming very soon, Orc will be starting up an Arena server for players to earn real money. YES REAL MONEY !!! Orc, would like to know how many players would be interested in a chance to test your skill against others. Entry donation fee of just $2.00 to possibly win up to $30.00 per event. More details will develop in the next few days on when these events will be starting. Please visit the forum and leave a feedback if you would be interested. The more positive feedback for Orc, the sooner he will get the server up and running.
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