SafeHaven Up and Running !!
Hey Everyone, The Unturned SafeHaven server is back up and is now on the Russian Map! Admins and Guards please see Orc when you log on. Also soon Orc hopefully will be starting up a special Unturned server for Events only.
Counter Strike Global Offensive Server
Coming Soon !!!!! CS-GO special server for tournaments. This server will have entry fees to win cash, yes real money!! Test your skill against others to win some money. More details coming soon as things move along......
Tell your friends
Please let your friends know about the new website. The more members we get the more Orc will be able to do for everyone. It doesn't matter what games you play PC, Xbox, PS4, card game, board games, all are welcome here to talk about what you have on your mind. Please spread the word.....
ALERT !! Safe Haven News
Orc has added a few more kits to the store!!! Sniper Kit, Artillery Kit, Plane Kit. Also He has added XP and Caps to each of the Kits please increased the MRE and Dressing qty's.
COMING SOON !! MVP Kits, VIP Kits & Walking Dead Kits !!! Keep your eye out for those soon!!
All sales help Orc with his website and server fees, so please keep him going.
Newest Walking Dead Trailer
Blog Preview
Posted by Orccleaver

Should The Nuke Mod Make A Come back To The Server?

Comment Your Thoughts

Black Ops III 40+ kills?
Posted by Mercyful Fate

Black Opts III 40+ kills? Anyone else be able to top 40 kills?

New Item Trade Area in the Forum
Posted by Mercyful Fate

NEW !!!   In the Forum Item Trade category. Now you can post items for trade for the Unturned game server SafeHaven.

List your item(s) for trade and what you are looking for, its all up to you....all trade will be done in game..

Anyone a Doctor Who Fan?
Walking Dead Trailer (viewer discretion is advised)
More Favorite Games
(Unturned ModShowcase) vietnam modpack
Added by WimpSnark
Posted on August 22nd 16
Added by WimpSnark
Posted on August 15th 16
Clash Of Clans
Added by Mercyful Fate
Posted on August 12th 16
Counter Strike Global Offensive
Added by Mercyful Fate
Posted on August 12th 16
Added by Mercyful Fate
Posted on August 12th 16
World Of Warcraft
Added by Mercyful Fate
Posted on August 12th 16
Official Call of Duty: Black Ops III - Multiplayer Reveal Trailer
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